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Hammering Truth Live 4/30/11 Take Control Of Your Government

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The Contest Continues

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There is still time to get in on the Not So Great Silver Giveaway contest. I have added 20 bucks to the pot.  The person who is closest to predicting the spot price of silver (that’s per ounce) closing price at The NY Globex on July 1, 2011 as listed here: will win this beautiful […]

Hammering Truth Silver Update

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Here is a link to the Jim Rickards interview:

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Easter to all!!!!!

Hammering Truth Live The Oil Ripoff

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The Not So Great Silver Giveaway Contest

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Welcome to the Not So Great Silver Giveaway Contest. I’ve been working on a few blogs but I’m  too tired to finish them, so I thought I would make it easy on myself and just start a contest.  The person who is closest to predicting the spot price of silver (that’s per ounce) closing price at The NY Globex on July […]

Titanic 3

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The current budget projections by both the republicans and the democrats reads like the third remake of the Titanic. We are going down and at this point few realize what is happening. The difference between the Obama and Paul Ryan budget proposals are laughable. That is why the dollar continues to fall and gold and […]

IRS Form 1040

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Hammering Truth Live Recorded 4/16/11 The Real Housewives Of Wall Street

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