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Biggest Debt Slaves

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Dangerous Straits

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Dangerous Straits:

Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

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The Rich Are Not Overtaxed

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Rich Americans Are Not Overtaxed The Bogus Statistics Conservatives Use to Misrepresent the Facts By Sarah Ayres Steinberg and Michael Linden |Posted on March 6, 2012, 9:00 am AP/ J. Scott Applewhite Key conservatives like to argue that the rich are overtaxed because the top 1 percent pays 40 percent of federal income taxes, but […]

Seal Team Six

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The Crimes of SEAL Team 6 Illustration: Attila Futaki for The Intercept Matthew Cole Officially known as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, SEAL Team 6 is today the most celebrated of the U.S. military’s special mission units. But hidden behind the heroic narratives is a darker, more troubling story of “revenge ops,” unjustified killings, […]