Posted by on June 23, 2010 at 2:37 pm.

I started to write a blog about the BP oil spill conspiracy, but there was so much supporting information that I would either have to write a book or break it up into parts. Here is part one. One of the most stunning revelations is BP’s use of Corexit: Corexit is a toxic solvent used as a dispersant for breaking up oil slicks.  BP has no problem spraying this toxic crap all over the Gulf, even though it is banned in England:   That’s right Corexit is illegal in BP’s home country but they have no problem dumping it on us. Corexit is produced by a company called Nalco. Nalco and it’s subsidiaries are owned by none other than Exxon and  you guessed it Goldman Sachs:  Can you guess who owns the planes being used to spray the deadly toxin? You do! That’s a picture of a U.S. Department of Defense C-130 Hercules aircraft spraying Corexit into the Gulf air and water.  Once again your government is using your tax dollars to kill you. Corexit used in the Exxon Valdez spill has been associated with respiratory,  nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders: So far between 800,000 and 1 ,000,000 gallons of Corexit have been sprayed over the Gulf: No need to worry about running out though, BP has bought up 1/3 of the world’s supply of Corexit. On May 19, the EPA gave BP 24 hours to stop using Corexit. BP refused: BP doesen’t have to follow our laws, remember fascism rules America.  Hmm, the EPA tells BP they can’t use Corexit but we’re using our planes to spray the stuff. Maybe the EPA should just call the Pentagon and tell them to stop spraying. Only in corporate contolled America could you have such a convoluted situation.  The environmental damage is increasing by the minute. There are now unofficial reports of toxic rain showing up in Louisianna:  Where this all is leading is anyone’s guess. One thing for sure, BP and the oil illuminati  are working  very hard at destroying all of us.

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