Independence? Day

Posted by on July 5, 2010 at 11:35 pm.

 I am having a hard time writing about the Republic these days. I really don’t see much hope for us patriots. The original patriots of 1776 would be ashamed of what this country has become. Ashamed of what we the people have allowed it to become. We have allowed this country to be stolen from us by an international banking cartel that is about to make serfs of us all.  Of course, they have had plenty of help from the John McCains and Barrack Obama’s of this world. Our constitution has been trashed, our treasury has been looted and 95 percent of Americans haven’t got a clue. What will it take to wake these people up? Sorry, but I don’t see much independence in America. Both the country and the people are being destroyed by their dependence. Where would America be without the trillions of dollars worth of loans made by foreigners to our country. Where would America be without the billions of barrels of oil shipped in from oil fields across the earth? We have trashed our industry in the name of “free trade” and now depend on China for manufactured goods. Half of all Americans depend on government for some sort of financial support. Our liberties are being stolen because we depend on the government to save us from the “terrorists”. If you don’t see the conspiracy in all of this, I truly feel sorry for you. Don’t worry though, there is a wake up call coming and it’s coming like a freight train.

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