Please Vote For Me

Posted by on July 30, 2010 at 10:29 am.

I hereby announce my candidacy for “Delegate To County Convention” (Republican).  I would appreciate everyone’s vote on August 3rd. This is strictly a write in campaign. There aren’t any candidates listed on the ballot. I wasn’t even sure what a delegate to county convention was, so I called the county clerk. Guess what? They weren’t sure either. The person I spoke with called it a party “thing”.  Maybe someone else could get a better answer than I did. Here is the Kent County Clerk’s number  632-7650. If anyone gets a better answer than I did, please let us know. The ballot says not to vote for more than two. I think it would be best to write my name in just once. If you live in Kent County, you can vote for me. I am serious about this. My name is Jim Noordhoek.   Any email or Facebook publicity would be most appreciated. Also, for those of you who will be voting on Tuesday, here are 2 links that might be helpful: and  Thanks.

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