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» Glenn Beck The Judas Goat:

Glenn Beck The Judas Goat

Posted by on September 28, 2010 at 9:52 am.

Glenn Beck Channels Alex Jones to Sell Globalist Snake Oil

Kurt Nimmo
September 28, 2010

Glenn Beck is paid millions of dollars a year to deflect the righteous anger of the American people away from the bankster elite and focus it on a gaggle of washed-up 60s radicals. In the process, meaningful political action is harmlessly deflected away from the controllers and safely expended on a handful of useful idiot scapegoats funded by globalist foundations, so-called progressive PACs, and corporate labor unions.

It is amazing how much Glenn Beck sounds like Alex Jones. The reason for this is because Beck’s people listen to the Alex Jones Show, take notes, and then relay what Jones talks about on any given day back to their master. An inside source at Fox News has verified this to be the case.

Beck then takes what Jones talks about and refashions it into his trademark attack on irrelevant leftists, Marxists, admirers of Mao and Stalin, archaic SDS throwbacks — who were long ago infiltrated by the FBI — and academic socialist utopians who have about as much of a chance of taking power as an invasion of six-eyed aliens from Planet X do.

In the video below, Beck talks about Cass Sunstein, police GPS and cell phone tracking, mobile x-ray scanners, government control of thermostats and big screen televisions, and Al Gore using the green agenda to turn children against their parents — topics Alex Jones talks about routinely on his radio and internet television program.

According to Beck, the green agenda and the police state grid are part of a diabolical progressive plan to create a communist dictatorship and march those of us who disagree off to re-education and death camps. In the past, Beck has used Stalin and Mao as examples of the sort of dictators the so-called progressives have in mind. Never mentioned is the fact the communist system Stalin exploited was installed in Russia by Wall Street. Beck has yet to mention that David Rockefeller believes Mao was an idea leader, never mind the 70 plus million people he systematically exterminated.

To be fair, Beck has tied Goldman Sachs to the funding of the Chicago Climate Exchange and the cap and trade scheme. But he invariably brings it all full circle to the progressives, labor unions, Van Jones, ACORN, and Obama’s past as an Alinsky-inspired community organizer in Chicago.
And for some reason Beck is silent about Fox News and its push for a green agenda.

Beck often harps on the globalist George Soros, the Center for American Progress, John Podesta, and the Clinton-era Democrats while failing to mention the fact that Soros is a Bilderberger and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations along with his supposed polar opposite, the RINO Newt Gingrich, who has been a CFR member since 1990. He is also a prized member of the Bohemian Grove where he presumably gets down with the sort of homosexual male prostitutes that made Richard Nixon ill.

Glenn Beck is not a patriot, but he plays one on television. He was hired to lead the sheep down the primrose path to the slaughter. Beck and Palin will steer the potentially dangerous Tea Party movement safely into the grandstands where they will be expected to follow the Republican platform of never-ending neocon wars and further encroachments on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the name of fighting terrorism manufactured by the CIA and perpetuated by the global intelligence monolith that serves the interests of Wall Street and the international bankster cartel.

Beck has his script. A substantial part of it was stolen from Alex Jones and the patriot movement. The final act was modified.

In the end, as the globalists consolidate power, Glenn Beck and his controllers will have us chasing demons dredged up from the 1960s when the establishment — with the help of doctrinaire communists and the FBI — sold the SDS down the river and created the Weathermen from the ground up to demonize the antiwar movement. Now the remnants of the so-called New Left work for the globalist foundations. Old antiwar activists now pointlessly spend their time organizing marches and events that never seem to make a difference as the forever wars of the elite and their neocon faction march forward to claim more innocent victims under false pretense. Instead of effective activism, we get Code Pink prancing around like clowns for the television cameras.

Get ready for Beck to pitch the RINO Tea Party in November. It was compromised early on when Republican operatives lifted the idea from Ron Paul and the Libertarians.

The Glenn Beck Tea Party will reassert the ideology of the neocons. After the Democrats lose control of Congress in November and Obama is removed from office in 2012, you will not hear about Marxists, socialists, or the green meanies controlling your thermostat. Glenn Beck may even retire. It will be Mission Accomplished.

Following November of 2012, the message will be about the Muslims again, especially white Muslims with European surnames. It will also be about patriots who will be portrayed as white supremacists, although without the same theatrics of Keith, Ed, and Rachel.

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