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» There Must Be Something In The Water:

There Must Be Something In The Water

Posted by on April 11, 2010 at 6:22 am.

About a year ago, I attended a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by my local congressman Vern Ehlers.  This wasn’t too long after the scandalous banker bailout was approved. I was sure the meeting hall would be packed with irate taxpayers wondering why our government was handing out money to the International Banking Cartel. I was in for a big surprise. When we arrived I was surprised to see that there were plenty of empty parking spots and many many empty seats in the meeting hall. By this time I’m thinking where is everyone? Maybe there wasn’t enough news coverage or they didn’t get an email from Campaign for Liberty: http://www.campaignforliberty.com/  One thing for sure, there’s something wrong here. Once  the meeting hall opened up (we waited a long time just to get inside the meeting hall I think that is a story in itself) everyone took a seat and congressman Vern Ehlers gave a speech. I guess Vern figured that all of the fluoride the citizens had been ingesting wouldn’t be enough to calm them down so he had better give a speech before we were allowed to ask questions.  Now if you have ever heard Vern speak you know this was probably about putting us into a comatose state before we were allowed to ask questions. He talked about the budget deficit and how the republicans had a plan for less deficit spending than the democrats. Hey Vern, I don’t think George W has heard about this plan. I stayed awake long enough to here Vern talk about how Americans liked balance in their government. That is, a republican president and a democratic congress or a democratic president and a republican congress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exgFh-iphhQ  Sorry Vern, but they’re all the same to me. I don’t buy into that left right paradigm stuff. The true controllers are the International Banking Cartel and their interests. After all didn’t both republicans and democrats vote for the Bankster Bailout? Finally, Vern finished speaking and we were allowed to ask questions. This is when I became totally amazed. People started to raise their hand and Vern called on them to ask a question. Not one person asked about the Bankster Bailout. (The guy yelling in the You Tube Video was me) In fact some of the most vocal speakers and loudest applause came in support of the banksters! Wow! By now I’m thinking there has got to be something in the water to make people think this way.  I never really used to buy into all of that fluoride talk but what could make people actually applaud their ultimate oppressers.  Maybe there is something about fluoride that makes us docile: http://www.communicationagents.com/chris/2005/05/17/fluoride_to_make_prisoners_stupid_docile.htm I have to believe that all of that TV watching helps to produce a citizenry that has been hypnotized into submission: http://www.positivemindstates.com/programmingcollectiveunconscious.htm Watch out for that flicker rate: http://ezinearticles.com/?Flicker-Rate-and-You&id=1559359    I think I’m starting to get the picture. This is all about controlling  a  fluoride tainted citizenry in a television induced hypnotic state.  Just add  a large amount of corporate media http://www.takebackthemedia.com/owners.html propaganda and I guess you know the rest. This is sad.  In just 234 years , we have gone from a nation whose citizens stood up to the mightiest military in the world and risked their lives for liberty and the constitution to a corporate and government (fascist)controlled  nation of sheep. If you think about it, 234 years isn’t really a long time in terms of generations.  My great- grand father’s great- grandfather was from the American Revolutionary War generation. A pretty quick demise in terms of history.  I think it’s time to turn off the TV and stop drinking the water.

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