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» Neocon Newt Gingrich Is Out To Steal The Tea Party:

Neocon Newt Gingrich Is Out To Steal The Tea Party

Posted by on April 17, 2010 at 2:53 pm.

 To those who laughed at me when I predicted a Gingrich Palin ticket in 2012, the picture may be getting a little clearer. Newt Gingrich is starting to pop up at Tea Parties. On Thursday Gingrich spoke before a Tea party gathering in Texas: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/hotstories/6960980.html Newt warned  the Tea Party not to break off into a 3rd party movement. Nothing scares globalists like Gingrich more than a viable third party movement.    Gingrich is a proud globalist CFR member: http://progress-index.com/2.420/letters/the-real-newt-gingrich-1.462567   Back in the nineties Gingrich helped Bill Clinton destroy the middle class by supporting NAFTA and the WTO: http://www.nolanchart.com/article368.html      Let me see now, a globalist  NAFTA WTO supporting CFR member giving a speech at a Tea Party. I think there’s something wrong here.  How about this for all of you Gingrich loving Tea Partiers out there:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi6n_-wB154  My biggest fear of Newt Gingrich comes from practical experience with some of his operatives. I was involved with a local political campaign in which one of Newt’s political hacks was managing the opposing candidate’s campaign. That’s right, a local campaign called in a former  Gingrich operative to defeat our tiny grassroots campaign. Never doubt the vast reach of globalists like Newt Gingrich. I began to investigate the operative and what he and Newt Gingrich  stood for. The deeper I dug the darker it got. The following is just a small sample of  what I learned about Gingrich and his politics.   In 1994 the Republican campaign adopted a campaign theme of “To create you must destroy” from the Punk band Too Much Joy. The following is an excerpt from an article by Jason Linkins:  Jeff Holland played the song for Newt and his guests. And when he smiled, a twinkle came to his eye, and he said “That’s exactly the sentiment we need if we are ever going to win a majority.” Those were his exact words. And I will never forget them. Theme Song never made it into campaign commercials, but it became a fast cult favorite around headquarters. Someone even made one of those computer-generated banners that said “To Create, you Must Destroy” and hung it on the wall among the campaign signs from the various GOP candidates that decorated the offices.

The story would end, there, were it not for the fact that Holland decided to send the band an official thank you letter, on campaign stationery.

The letter, signed by Gingrich, began:

Dear Tim:

I am writing today to thank you and the other members of Too Much Joy for the extraordinary contribution you made to our overwhelming victory in the 1994 elections.

Thanks in part to Too Much Joy, our party accomplished a feat few thought possible. In a single election, we picked up 52 seats in the House of Representatives, winning a Republican majority for the first time in 40 years.
Too Much Joy had captured the entire essence of our 1994 campaign in a single line: “To create, you must destroy.”

It may not have been reported on the news. But your song – through the spirit it created – had a tremendous impact on the 1994 mid-term elections, and as a result, will have a tremendous impact on the future of our great nation.”
 Here are the lyrics to the song that Gingrich appreciated so much: Meet our band of merry men, shake the hand of every one. We’ll eat your food and steal your wife, buy us beers we’re friends for life. We only shoot when shot at, we give away what we don’t need. We live for fun and freedom, we stamp out fear and greed.We sleep on floors and live on crumbs, we’re a bunch of ugly bums.
A great idea when we were smashed, turning anger into cash.
We ain’t seen much, but we don’t starve,
We drive around, in our mom’s cars.
To create, you must destroy. Smash a glass and cry “Too much joy!”                                               
                                                                                                    I wonder if Newt Gingrich knows who coined the phrase ” To create we must destroy”?  It was another globalist by the name of Joseph Stalin: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_said_sometimes_to_create_must_destroy  Newt Gingrich is out to destroy the Tea Party Movement and your freedom.

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