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» Politics and Cannibals: Memorial Day Defiled by JN:

Politics and Cannibals: Memorial Day Defiled by JN

Posted by on May 29, 2012 at 10:26 pm.

If you perused yesterday’s headlines on any of the major online “news” sources, you undoubtedly encountered the story of Miami’s “cannibalistic, drug-induced face eater.” While such a story is simultaneously horrific and saddening, it’s role in overshadowing an equally troubling, yet much less publicized political story, provides a wonderful testimony to the true bias in today’s media. Most interestingly, one can easily find parallels between the two stories, with one providing exceptional metaphors for the other.
According to various news sources, Rudy Eugene was shot dead yesterday by Miami police, after officers found him gnawing, naked, on the face of a naked homeless man. The Miami police department reported that officers had little choice but to shoot Eugene, as he failed to comply with requests to end his malicious behavior, instead growling at officers with an animalistic demeanor. Eugene’s brutality left his victim so defiled, that officers reported he was “barely recognizable as a human being.” The source of such a rampage? An LSD type drug referred to on the street as “Bath Salts.” Numerous police departments around the country decry the drug as particularly vicious, as it transforms those under the influence into true beasts with near-super strength, leaving officers with little choice but the use of force in stopping its abusers.
While this story dominated the newswire, other news agencies, such as mediabistro, attempted to alert the American public to information gained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center through the Freedom of Information Act. Their report listed hundreds of keyword which are tracked by the United States Department of Homeland Security on social media and networking sites used daily by American citizens. While monitoring of the population by the US Government is itself particularly alarming to libertarians and freedom loving people, the words included in the DHS list included not only weaponry and subversion references, but also some which were downright preposterous. Among these suspicious words were pork, flu, and ices. Beyond the ridiculousness of the monitoring of these seemingly benign words, one blogger very aptly asked “does the government really think that supposed ‘terrorists’ write on each other’s Facebook wall their plans to plant a pipe bomb in a mall?”
Perhaps it is all too fitting that such a story was overshadowed by a cannibal mulling. Indeed, Americans seem enthralled with stories of violence, sexuality, and drug usage, and this story contained all three. Yet, if we look a little closer, we might find the symbolism striking. While officials in the American government continue their power-induced disfigurement of the US Constitution, they have left the American republic nearly unrecognizable. Does any reputable historian of our nation truly believe that Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and proponent of a system of yeoman meritocracy, would condone the size and scope of today’s government, or that Benjamin Franklin would not scoff at the idea of 21st Century Americans having sacrificed so much liberty in the name of security?
Ironically these stories were released on the national holiday devoted to the celebration of sacrifices for our liberty. Did men and women make the ultimate sacrifice so that the news media could devote its time and energy to bizarre and rare stories of human cannibalism? Does the near sacredness of the first amendment rest on a citizenry more informed about pop culture than the workings of the government designed to serve it?
I ask, what then, are Americans left to do with our own breed of political cannibals, who seem to feed upon the body and soul of our nation, leaving it light years away from that which our founding fathers left us over 200 years ago? While faith and conscience does not permit me to advocate a similar fate for our leaders as that of Rudy Eugene, I strongly believe that Americans must quickly exercise their right to use the force of the ballot box and protest to restrain the leviathan beast that is our federal government. We must some how come to find monetary policy and international affairs as equally intriguing as those stories which seem to dominate television, and we must give proper diligence to transforming ourselves into a well informed citizenry. Otherwise, the sacrifices of our national heroes truly have been in vain.

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